300 Hour Teacher Training

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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Ignite Your Talent. Master Your Skill.

Looking to deepen your knowledge and perfect the trainings learned through your 200 hour teacher training?

Ra Yoga has spent the better part of 2 years devising and crafting our curriculum for this latest teacher training installment - our Yoga Alliance Certified 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. This training will follow the learning principles of the Socratic Method where students are expected to actively participate and debate all matters. Every modality of the current yoga landscape from Hot Yoga to Restorative Yoga will be covered through our expansive curriculum. Our hope is that by studying both ancient and modern traditions, one will be able to utilize all the elements in existence to inspire their students and structure creative yoga classes regardless of a particular style.

While this training spans 9 months in totality and is meant to be taken as a whole course. The 300 hrs is comprised of (3) 100 hr segments - Healing Arts, Dynamic Arts, Sage Arts. Each of these segments are 6 weeks and can be taken individually if desired. Each segments comes with its own set of philosophy lectures, customized workshops, and anatomy studies as well as teaching techniques represented by its corresponding arts. Participation for a given weekend specific to your teaching interest is available upon request and payment as well.

"Knowledge can neither be created nor destroyed but rather unlocked once given the proper keys and sunlight." - Unknown

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