A Gathering of Love: Part I

Join Jessi Moon, a senior teacher from The Self Awareness Institute, to learn to meditate deeply and powerfully. Jessi teaches advanced meditation techniques and can help you understand the various levels of meditation and reach higher states of consciousness. When we go to these deeper places within us we generate more life force energy or spirit that fills our bodies up with love. We can share this spiritual energy with one another and facilitate a space for healing physically, mentally and help support one another’s enlightenment. Please bring your friends who could use a big boost of love! In the last class we will share healing circles! This class will share an authentic lineage of Siddha Yoga as taught by Vethathiri Maharishi and Swamiji Steven Sadleir. Each session is $25, and you can sign up for all four sessions for the full effect.

Jessi is a certified Mindfulness Teacher for The Self Awareness Institute, an organization that brings forth training and tools for the enlightenment of the consciousness. Her specialties include physical healing and mind-awareness training. With Jessi’s guidance, you learn how to transcend the mind, enter bliss, and gain clarity through meditation. From a lineage of Siddha yogi’s over 10,000 years, Jessi brings us something really special. Please visit http://WWW.LetsEnlightenTogether.com to learn more.

Led by: Jessi M.

Newport Beach
July 10, 2022
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
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