Beginner/Intermediate Arm Balance

This is an opportunity to learn proper technique for basic arm balance poses that are commonly offered in Vinyasa classes. This workshop sets the foundation for intermediate and advanced arm balancing. You will receive detailed explanation on alignment and anatomy, as well as personal attention and time to ask questions. Poses include Pendant, Scale, Crow, Crane, Shoulder-pressing, Firefly, and Elephant Trunk.

About Amber: Amber has over 20 years of personal yoga practice, and has a background in physical therapy, sports medicine, massage therapy, and yoga therapy. She is a big fan of arm balancing, despite never having attempted standing on her hands until adulthood. She loves sharing the technical details of these empowering poses, and helping students to take flight.

Led by: Amber C.

Costa Mesa
May 20, 2023
12:45 pm - 2:45 pm
New Student Special

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