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I don't always feel super comfortable walking into a yoga room and getting onto my mat. I have that inner dialogue that keeps me small, poking holes into any good feeling I could have while I move. But that's just ego. My little inner demon rearing it's ugly head. When I can manage it, I am thankful to the blockages that arise on my mat. It's a choice not to let ego keep me small, and one that I bump up against often. There are plenty of things that can't be done just yet, and that's ok. Instead, I try to focus on being in a state of expansion. I keep in my mind that I am like a sponge ready to soak up all the goodness my teachers have to offer, instead of focusing on what I cannot do. The practice will come, and that state of mind feels good. It's my yoga. It's why I feel the fear, step onto my mat, and move... More ›

Truth be told, my favorite part of practice is in the first five minutes. I step onto my mat, and take the first real breath of my day. It's everything, and pretty much the point of yoga, in my opinion. To get present to yourself, and just be in whatever sensation you are experiencing at that moment without expectation. Change will inevitably come from the practice itself, but to be able to move with intention and mindfulness is where the real stuff is. This is what I lose on most days, and each time I am able to get present to what my heart is asking for, I feel a return to my highest self. This is why I step onto my mat. Each and every single time.

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I don’t believe in accidents. I think things are as they are because we have taken part in them, because in some way we’ve chosen them. Yesterday in class, my teacher had us try something I had never tried before. By “accident”, I was able to do it. Side plank with leg extension to full spit…Vasistasana to Hanumanasana. It was fumbled, mostly because I couldn’t keep my leg lifted anymore, but I got it. I had already tried it on one side, and immediately fell out of it like a sack of potatoes. She had us sit and pause before we went to round two, and I just kept repeating in my head, “The practice makes practice”.  I had already set my intention, but most times I find that what I set for myself in the first five minutes of class quickly turns into something else once I start moving. I said it one more time, and... More ›

I wish I could remember the first time I stepped into a yoga studio. I remember my first yoga experience…a yoga tape my sister gifted me when she went to college, but my actual first yoga class I am failing to recall. I have been practicing yoga since 2002, been to countless studios since, and every time I walk through the doors of a new space, there is a bit of anxiety. What will the community be like? Will I like the class? The teachers? What will my practice feel like today? Am I enough? I feel the fear, and walk in. Move forward. Step onto my mat.

Today in class, the teacher said asana is challenging and fun to master, but it doesn’t much help to solve your daily problems. It doesn’t keep you from being a bad person. Or help you to make ethical choices. There are seven other limbs of yoga, and Asana... More ›

November is the month for giving thanks and Ra Yoga Newport Beach is so grateful for all of our instructors and students that challenge us on a daily basis.

In light of the season for giving thanks our Ra Yoga Orange County studio is offering Veteran’s Yoga on November 23rd. All are welcome and the class itself will be FREE to all veterans to show our appreciation to those who have served.

Ra is excited to present our life-changing 200 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training from January 9th through March 27th. Through our twelve-week training, you’ll master public speaking, enhance your relationship skills, and cultivate your authentic self. We hope to inspire and train you to teach safe and transformative yoga classes and incorporate the wisdom of yoga into your life. If you are curious about the program... More ›

October 2015 has been a month of possibilities with the Ra Yoga Newport Beach closer to opening and our Costa Mesa location continuing to evolve and we are so excited for our upcoming events.

Experience the power of sound with our Sacred Sound Gong Immersion class on October 18th. Join Giselle along with Jupiter, Full Moon, and Earth Gongs, Crystal and Singing Bowls, Chimes, Bells, and Frame Drum for a journey beyond time and space. There will be a 15 minute meditation using vocal sounds to open, harmonize and bring awareness to the seven chakra centers to prepare the body for 60 minutes of Sacred Sound Gong Immersion.

Relax and restore during an intimate, calming, & therapeutic class led by Nicolas Puglisi on November 8th and 22nd. This intimate two hour class will combine calming... More ›

What is better than a blissful 7-day retreat in Hawaii? Going with Ra Yoga, of course! Join us for seven days of yoga, adventure, and relaxation on the big island of Hawaii starting September 5th and ending on September 12th. We welcome you at a magical location in nature to sink back into your easy self and give your body the nourishment it needs to return to life refreshed and strengthened. Space is limited so be sure to RSVP as soon as possible

If traveling to Hawaii isn't on your current horizon, join us for some local meditation on September 9th during our Meditation Module. For beginners and experienced practitioners alike, gain a basic understanding of what meditation is and explore different styles to find the one that resonates you.

In the meantime, we are excited to announce the opening... More ›

Ra Yoga is so excited to present this month’s upcoming yoga newport beach events! June is the beginning of a time for summer relaxation from a stressful work year; a time to help strengthen your inner you.

Join your fellow environmentally conscious Ra yogis for an evening of community and learning on June 19th! Ra Yoga will be screening the award winning documentary “Symphony of the Soil” and will hold a group discussion following the film. Please RSVP as space is limited!

On June 25th join our monthly Yin-Stretch with Live Cello! Our special class will showcase cellist Steve Velez as he performs live music in sync to the flow of the class. Yin-Stretch is a passive non-heated yoga focused on stretching deep into the inner joints of the body. The perfect addition to balance out your more active... More ›

Earth Day is right around the corner, inviting all of us to come together, celebrate, and extend our gratitude to Mother Earth. Ra Yoga near Irvine in Costa Mesa is honoring our planet by hosting an evening of festivity - starting with an Earth Flow Yoga class led by Jenny Vande Hei and featuring Andrea Beals on the cello. This rejuvenating class kicks off the night at 6:00 pm on Monday, April 27th. Space is limited, so make sure you register today!

After Earth Yoga Flow, you can meet us in the front lobby for Ra's 1st ever Live Concert! Come help us end Earth Week with a bang and join us for this free show from 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm. The band Yesway will open at 7:30, followed by Breathe Owl Breathe at 8:15. We will be offering food, beverages, and a raffle - so come join us for good times and good vibes... More ›

Spring has arrived and it’s time for you to bring some magic to your flow. Spring is a time that welcomes change and renewal, creating an opportunity to cleanse ourselves of slovenly winter habits and find inspiration in blooming nature. This month Ra Yoga near Newport Beach is offering some exciting upcoming events and workshops that will awaken your body!

Sunday, March 29th David Miller will lead us through an evening of food and philosophy. He will be answering the question "Where the bleep does Yoga come from?" during this two hour community building workshop. Register now!

Join our Empowerment Series beginning on April 3rd with Jona Genova. This series of three workshops will alter your very state of being.

Colleen Hieber will Reveal the Power of the Backbend on April 4th. In this... More ›