Changing the Narrative

Changing The Narrative (a spoken or written account of connected events; a story) is a yoga workshop about harnessing transcendental empowerment through expression rooted in lived experience. What is cultural connection; why does culture matter while writing a story? Why would changing the narrative be important for BIPOC communities in America and abroad? What do words like authenticity and accountability mean to us as both individuals and community members? We will inquire within to recognize and explore where our lives narrative is at the moment and why*. With holistic health in mind: yogic (meditative), somatic (physical) and cognitive behavioral practices (mental/emotional reflection) will help us inwardly reflect to actively rewrite internal and external stories if need be for peace of mind, body & soul. All experience levels are welcome!

*open sharing is optional


– Journal

– Pen or Pencil

– Yoga Mat (Blanket & Bolster optional)

Teacher Bio:

Bio: Jona Minor (he/she/they) –

Jona believes in the uninhibited properties of spiritual inquiry and artistic expression that ease tension toward liberation.


Incorporating passions for human rights, environmentalism, art, fitness, sobriety, mindfulness and mental health they hope to help practitioners identify applicable holistic health practices in & beyond conventionality. Since 2012, they hold accreditation in and continue to study hatha yoga, hot yoga, trauma-informed yoga, group fitness, personal training, Usui reiki healing, crisis intervention and linguistics.

Led by: Jona M

Long Beach
July 14, 2024
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
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