Classes Cheat Sheet

A summary view of Ra’s class listings.

Class Summary 

Ra Vinyasa Level 1 Vinyasa All Ranges 75° 60 Min Foundation Yoga Flow
Ra Vinyasa Intro to Level 2 Vinyasa Intermediate 85° 60 Min Expanded Yoga Flow in Warmth
Ra Vinyasa Level 2 Vinyasa Advanced 95° 60 Min Heated Yoga Flow
Ra Vinyasa Level 2 Non Heated Vinyasa Advanced 75° 60 Min
Yogalates Yoga Pilates Intermediate 95° 60 Min Heated Yoga with Pilates
Ra Strength 1 Strength Intermediate 85° 60 Min Yoga with Weights
Ra Strength 2 Strength Intermediate 95° 60 Min
Hot Ra Hot Yoga All Ranges 110° 60 Min
Yin RaStore Yin/Restorative All Ranges 75° 60 Min
Lunchtime Yoga Lunch Flow All Ranges 75° 45 Min Yoga Flow at Lunchtime
Meditation Meditation All Ranges 75° 60 Min

½ Relaxing Yoga, ½ Meditation

Kundalini Yoga Kundalini All Ranges 75° 60 Min Ancient Kriya Practice
Pre Natal Pre Natal All Ranges 75° 60 Min Yoga for Expecting Moms
Baby & Me Class Baby & Me Class All Ranges 75° 60 Min
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