Ra Yoga is built upon the pillars of Creativity and Authenticity

Our culture is to empower teachers to express themselves within the high level structure of our class descriptions. If a particular teacher or style does not resonate with your practice we invite you to try another teacher. We only ask you to keep an open mind about possibility and try a class more than once.

Practice Forum

Practice Forum – FRee Ra Level 1

70° – 75°

45|60 min

All Levels

The pRActice Forum is a concept of allowing new graduates from teacher trainings (ra yoga’s 200 hr or others) the opportunity to grow in their skills and gain confidence in their abilities.

This class is free from students as well as a charity class for the teacher as they are new to teaching and donating their time to the humble service of instructing others in yoga.



  • New Teacher Trainee Graduates get to practice teach. 

“I love this free class because I get to experience a new teacher journey and provide great feedback to them.”

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