Ra Yoga is built upon the pillars of Creativity and Authenticity

Our culture is to empower teachers to express themselves within the high level structure of our class descriptions. If a particular teacher or style does not resonate with your practice we invite you to try another teacher. We only ask you to keep an open mind about possibility and try a class more than once.



90° – 95°

45|60 min


Yogalates combines yoga with the core strengthening benefits of Pilates. In this heated style we warm up and cool down the body just like a typical Ra Vinyasa classes but then get the body going with classical mat Pilates. Expect to work hard in this class as the focus is core stabilizing and strengthening! Yogalates is a great for students who love high energy yoga and core-focused exercises.


  • Part Pilates / Part Yoga

  • Core. Core. More Core.

  • Heated Mat Pilates

“This class is my absolute favorite. There seems to be a new wrinkle in class every time. My abs are sore for days post session.”

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