Live Your Soul's Truth: Emily Laine

Live Your Soul's Truth: Emily Laine

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The Akashic Records are a subtle library of everything that has ever existed, including how we can each be fulfilled at the level of the soul in this life. This four week course will guide participants on a journey of self discovery, energy clearing, introspection, and self enlightenment through guided meditations and exploration in the blueprint of each participant's soul. Learn how you can live more fully here on earth. No experience required.


**Registration is required for all four classes; recordings of classes will be available in the case of unexpected absence.**

Emily Laine and Robert Layton are twin flames who use Native American and Eastern Indian Healing, Intuitive Shamanic Soul Healing, Akashic Healing, Transformational Energy Clearing, and other intuitive methods to help people connect with their Soul’s Truth. Learn more at

$110.00- Members
$120.00- Non-Members