Course Dates and Times 

*Becoming the player is the practice of dissolving, witnessing and surrendering.*
Sound- The Yoga of Listening is a way to relax the mind/body. It is a way to uncover the deeper layers of the Self. Penetrating beyond the sense of hearing, its vibrational energy flows throughout your body, organs, blood and cells, opening you to a more expansive You, with Awareness.

Learning the art and science of sound will be beneficial for yoga teachers, holistic practitioners, massage therapist, students and for ones own personal growth. Experience for yourSelf the power of sound, bringing you to your highest vibration!

In this workshop we will touch upon the nature of sound through the five elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth), and how sound affects our body/mind through these energies. The fundamentals of Sound Vibration, basic principles of space and time and understanding the perception of quantum physics in relation to sound. Hands on approach with planetary gongs, crystal & Nepalese bowls, ghanta bells, and Koshi chimes, learning how to open and play with sound vibration. Experiencing the power of sacred mantras and vocal toning to open our own unique portal of sound.

Through movement, breath work, vocal exploration, and deep listening, you will learn techniques on how to develop the ability to be uninhibited and present.

Sacred Sound - The Yoga of Listening is a two day intensive in the study of Sound Vibration.
In this training you will learn and explore the following:
• The Science and Philosophy of Sound & how it affects body/mind
* Movement and Pranayama practice (breath)
* Working with the Chakras, Elemental energies & Subtle body
* Hands on approach to gongs, bowls, chimes, drums and much more
* Learn Sacred Mantras & vocal toning
* Learning Frequency, musical notes, Quantum Physics
* Caring for your Sacred Instruments, setting up sound space
• How to cultivate sound in your field of work, classes, home
• Core principles of Ayurveda, Tantra and energy work
• How to lead a sound bath
• Special tricks of the trade from Giselle’s experience
• Vegetarian Ayurvedic lunch included

This is a hands on intensive workshop to learn to practice of sound vibration.

Sacred sound instruments are provided, if you have your own tools you may bring them for you to practice on as well.

You will also be learning my own personal expertise in the art of combining sound instruments for an optimal sound experience.

Sacred Instruments we will be practicing on:
- 4-5 Planetary Gongs
- 9 Crystal Bowls
- 9 Tibetan Singing Bowls
- Koshi, Zaphir and Flow chimes
- Ghanta Bell, Ceremony Bells, Yuk Bell
- Nature instruments: ocean drum, rainstick, shakers, chapaka leaves, buffalo drum.
Some surprises!

*Receive Yoga Alliance Continuing Education hours*

What to bring:
Notebook, pen/pencil, wear comfortable clothes, snacks, vegetarian Ayurvedic lunch is provided, you are welcome to bring your own lunch too!
Studio has blanket, bolsters, chairs.