Through a commintment to living B.I.G. in the service of others

we exist to create



love and space

for the human condition.



Ra Yoga does not tolerate Racism

The civil rights movement continues, and we all have work to do.

Ra Yoga’s mission is to support community and be at the cause of peace and transformed lives.

We stand with our employees, students, teachers, friends and families against inequality, inequity and injustice

We will continue to raise the voices of healing, and love and be a beacon of light.

We are here to eliminate our blind spots.  We also get that we will never know what it is like to be someone other than ourselves.  We get that community is medicine and without it the human heart can wither and grow small.  We get that there is a sickness that we believe Yoga can help to cure.  We also get that we don’t get it.  We are ALL here to use our privilege as community leaders to make the world a better place.

Our Diversity Council activiely works to defend our why as well as keep our space in integrety with our mission. The individuals who make up our coucil actively work to normalize fierce conversations, elimante blind spots, bring love and light into our spaces,  and most importantly, raise the voices of our BIPOC community members.

Ra Yoga does not tolerate racism. We stand with our employees, students, teachers, friends, and families against inequity and injustice.

To many, Ra Yoga is home and it is our belief that restoration begins at home. We are committed to healing our community by continuing to offer opportunities for all of our fRAmily members to grow through education. We invite our yogis to fearlessly  examine their blind spots, particpate in challenging conversations, and diilligently evaluate self.

We all have work to do.


The Hero Project is inspired by Mr. Rogers.  During an interview, Mr. Rogers was asked to name some of heroes, one of which he called The Unknown Hero. The Unkown Hero is ANY neighbor who’s story remains untold, silenced, or has not been celebrated.

It is the responisibility of our communtiy to shine light, listen, love, and honor our Unknown Heroes.


Ra Yoga understands that community is medicine and without it the human heart can wither and grow small.

You matter.

Your story matters.

You are not alone.


Ra Yoga is committed to change. We understand that growth and change can not occur without difficult converstaions. We would like to hear your feedback so we may continue to implement change and do better.



This space was created as an opportunity for our community members to tell their stories.Any story or reflection that you feel called to share is warmly welcomed into this space. We would invite you to experience this space as infinite. Infinite in love with an understanding that we exist to serve our community, to cultivate connection, and to encourage the art of self -expression. 

We request that you aid us in continuing to build  and foster a space that serves as a sanctuary. A sanctuary is described by Isabel Abott as, “a space where you are heard, believed, and companioned, without interference and assumption of superior insight.” Allow this space to be a sanctuary for your truth to live, impact, and expand. 

Be mindful that you might find yourself feeling triggered as you read the content found on this page. Please enter with the awareness that what you read may ignite feelings of discomfort but don’t worry, you are safe, loved, and your feelings are valid. 

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