Ecstatic Dance

I will be hosting a 2 hour ecstatic dance workshop. Ecstatic dance is a unique form of freeform movement where there are no rules or choreography. You just let the music guide you as you explore your body, emotions, and creativity through dance. My intention is to bring the community together and intentionally release through movement. I will be opening up the space with an intention setting circle for approx. 15 min. We will then free flow for an hour and a half and I will then close the space with a sound bath for 15-20 minutes.


Teacher Bio:

Kiana is a dynamic yoga instructor and ecstatic dance facilitator in Long Beach. With a passion for uniting communities through movement, she utilizes her backgrounds in yoga and dance to create transformative experiences. Her intentions are centered around self-discovery and authentic self-expression.

Led by: Kiana A.

Long Beach
June 30, 2024
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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