Sound Alchemy & Transmutation

Join Darren Obong as he guides you through an intimate journey through the healing modalities of breath work, meditation, and the vibrations of crystal alchemy singing bowls. This ceremony will help you connect and bring more awareness to the energy of the subtle body so that you may move through energetic and emotional blockages that may or may not be present.
As we move through situations in our life that are intense, different aspects of ourselves shut down in order to keep ourselves “safe”. In this process the soul fragments from itself and gets pushed down into the energy field. These aspects of ourselves that have been locked away can manifest as emotional, physical, and energetic blockages. This ceremony will help you reclaim these aspects of yourself and find a deeper sense of ease in your body and mind so that you are better able to enjoy the beauty of your life.

Led by: Darren O

Long Beach
August 20, 2022
1:00 pm - 2:15 pm
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