Hatha Mood with Allie G.

How do we know how much or how little force is needed to experience positive change? Hatha Mood is a gentle, intuitive practice dedicated to doing less. Though H M isn’t Yin or Restorative Yoga, it has the same tone of quietness and slowing down for nurturing energy. If you find yourself constantly doing more to achieve progress it’s time to embrace the opposite with Hatha Mood. Enjoy a rejuvenating practice that’s soft on your body and did I mention the 30 sound bath at the end with Darren Obong? Oh yeah, there’s also that! In short this will be an easy movement session, we’ll use props like bolsters and blankets to make things softer and at the end you get a great big savasana accompanied by some crystal singing bowls that are sure to buzz you into peace and serenity. We can’t wait to share this with you. Peace and love, Allie G. & Darren.

P.s.  Hatha is a Sanskrit word used to describe the movement limb of Yoga, which we would call Yoga poses/ Yoga practice. The word Hatha grammatically means “force/violence or a pair of opposites”. Knowing this it’s been interpreted that Yoga poses are applied physical force that is transformational to your mind, body and soul.


Meet Allie:

Hi, I’m Allie G. the woman behind Hatha Mood.  I began practicing yoga in 2012 and then started teaching to others in 2016. I am an absolute nerd about how body’s move and I love to make class ‘different’ than your average vinyasa flow. Overtime I have developed the skills to take your body through sensible and fun sequences that leave you feeling great. You will experience a range of intensities that I offer with the most gentle being Hatha Mood and the most advanced being my Level 2 Heated Vinyasa classes. If your driving through LB you might see me cartwheeling down the street or doing handstands at the park. Yoga is my favorite way to move and I hope to share it with you one day!

Led by: Allie G.

Long Beach
February 19, 2023
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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