Hustle & Flow: It’s Disco Yoga Time!

Groove, glitter, sequence, funky beats and sassy vinyasas – this Fall, let’s yoga like it’s 1977!

Pumping up the party with a rhythmic flow, we’ll then shift the vibe to some disco choreo including a combination you can take home with you.  A soul-train stretch to follow, then completing our practice with a proper cool-down, savasana, and life-affirming meditation – but don’t leave the party without making a new friend because this disco is all about bangin’ beats, expressing your inner diva, and building up community.  You were ‘Born to be Alive’, so put on your ‘Boogie Shoes’ like a ‘Dancing Queen’ and come on down to ‘Funky Town’ where ‘You Should Be Dancing’ and you’ll be sure to ‘Get Lucky’, my yogi friends!!

– – –

Ursula provides a well-rounded hour of multi-disciplined technique and guidance. Her main passion is that every participant leaves class feeling encouraged, successful, and confident.  Ursula’s personal fitness philosophy is that every group workout should be held slumber-party style; so grab all your besties, crank up the music, sweat it out, and just have epic fun!

Led by: Ursula W.

Long Beach
October 16, 2022
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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