Angel Montague

Angel Montague
300 HOUR CERTIFIED | 25 HOURS CE | Certified Reiki Master

Angel Montague is a certified yoga instructor, educator for Special needs students and a mother of two vibrant boys. Her classes benefit all levels of students while encompassing postures from the hot series, vinyasa and yin. She adds a unique element to her teaching style by incorporating American Sign Language into her classes as needed. Her genuine passion to teach and her fascination of the interconnectedness we all share shines through as she aims to inspire others to discover and reveal their inner truth. Angel earned her 300 hour certification through Core Power Yoga in 2013-14. She then went on her path of growth earning a Children's certification from Smiling Monkeys and a Yin certification through Ra Yoga. This summer she will also be certified to teach Hot Yoga. Angel enjoys being outdoors immersed in the beauty and wonder of nature.

Favorite Yoga Move: 

Ustrasana - Camel pose

How Has Yoga Benefited You The Most: 

Yoga has benefited me the most by connecting me back to my true/higher self. I am amazed at the depth of healing and growth I continually uncover and discover through this practice.

Reason Started Doing Yoga: 

A friend and I tried a free week of yoga at a local studio. We had no idea it was a heated class, and I was in a long sleeve shirt! We kept giving each other the "what the heck are we doing here" and "what is happening" look. I have never sweat so much in my life! Naturally, I came back the next day.

5 Words That Describe Your Teaching Style: 

Introspective. Hands-on. Grounding. Nurturing. Soulful.