Chelsea R Reeves

Chelsea R Reeves
Chelsea's love for serving others was first ignited at 19 years old when she began her career working in the wellness community at different mental health and addiction treatment providers. Chelsea quickly found that her true purpose was to share the gift of life she had humbly received through her own recovery journey. Chelsea serves the role as counselor, interventionist, empowerment coach, and most importantly- life enthusiast.
After being exposed in different capacities to yoga, Chelsea turned to the practice in a time of desperation. Chelsea found that with a combination of other healing modalities, yoga was able to create a space for her to heal old trauma that had been stored in her body and create a healthy view of self from an eating disorder she had been fighting most of her life. Chelsea found that yoga wasn’t just a physical practice, but a true way of life that she carries in her soul daily to give her continued strength and hope. Chelsea’s hope as a yoga teacher is that all can cultivate the space to activate their own inner healer

Favorite Yoga Move: 

Half-moon. I love how free I feel in this pose, and the way my heart shines open for possibilities.

How Has Yoga Benefited You The Most: 

I have learned that I have the power within to calm my own emotions and thought patterns. I had anxiety and breathing difficulties my whole life, particularly intensified 6 months before developing a practice. Through the power of breath I’m able to come back to what I’ve learned on the mat when I get activated or triggered in the “real world”.

Reason Started Doing Yoga: 

I had a therapist I was working with suggest it and I quickly fell in love with the practice. I saw this beautiful modality as a powerful medium to heal, and with combinations of other tools couldn’t get enough of it!

5 Words That Describe Your Teaching Style: 

Authentic, Heart-Opening, Empathetic, Vulnerable, Beyoncé