Danielle Bliss

Danielle Bliss
500 HOUR CERTIFIED | Yoga Therapy certified
Danielle walked into her first yoga class in 2007, at first approaching the practice casually. Gradually, however, she began to turn her focus inward during the sessions, experiencing the huge sense of healing, grounding and love that yoga has to offer. It was the deep appreciation and love for her intensified practice that propelled her to begin teacher training, and on that first day, she knew she had found her calling. With a very empathetic and nurturing personality, Danielle loves to turn that deep passion for yoga toward helping others heal both emotionally and physically.

Favorite Yoga Move: 

Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon Pose. I love the weightlessness of this pose and the level of concentration and presence it takes to maintain this balance!

How Has Yoga Benefited You The Most: 

Yoga has helped me become a better person off my mat. I’m able to handle life with much more grace, patience and balance than I did before starting my practice.

Reason Started Doing Yoga: 

My mom took me to my first yoga class when I was 18 years old at the local YMCA. I had no idea what to expect, but immediately felt a change in my spiritual health. I quickly became addicted to the journey!

5 Words That Describe Your Teaching Style: 

Balance, breath, energizing, fun and accepting!