Jaime Clark

Jaime Clark
500-hour certified | 300 hours continued education

Jaime has always had a passion for health awareness and physical well-being. Throughout her youth, she was introduced to various forms of creative movement and conditioning including dance, Pilates, and eventually Yoga. It was her realization in the healing affects that Yoga provided on the body and mind that captured her.

Jaime endeavors to inspire and nourish her students through a compassionate and playful practice, while equating the spiritual experience of the mind. Her fascination for anatomy and knowledge of alignment is made clear through her technical cues and ability to give guidance in every pose, while enforcing a strong emphasis on the breath.

Jaime has completed a 200hr certification under CorePower and a 500hr certification through Yogaworks, which included a mentorship under Kori Strobl. She receives guidance in her Pilates training by Lisa Schlaeger and continues to deepen her yoga practice under Sarah Reese. In addition, her studies extend to skin care, massage and holistic therapies. Jaime’s knowledge and passion intertwine to make her teaching style one that will leave a lasting impression.

Favorite Yoga Move: 

I really like Half Moon. It’s a pose that challenges me every time. So much focus is required to find the proper alignment while, at the same time, maintaining balance.

How Has Yoga Benefited You The Most: 

Yoga helps me stay centered. My practice is my time to study and nurture myself. I feel more grounded, content, and peaceful with yoga in my life.

Reason Started Doing Yoga: 

My reason for starting yoga was simply for the physical aspect-- exercise. It wasn’t until a few years of practicing that I really started to connect to the deeper levels of self-study.

5 Words That Describe Your Teaching Style: 

Mindful. Fun. Steady. Focused. Anatomical.

Classes I Teach

I teach this class so that it is achievable, yet challenging for all levels. The class is energetic and up-beat. I want my students to leave this class feeling like they not only got a good work out, but that they also had fun.

I teach the basic concepts of linking poses together with the breath, while focusing on fine-tuning body alignment. My goal is teach students of all levels how to successfully and safely progress in their yoga practice.