Jasmine Gallardo

Jasmine Gallardo
200-hour certified
Jasmine's classes are grounded in the first-hand knowledge of what has made her own body and mind feel better and stronger, and she tries to give that same feeling to her students. She has been teaching for 2 and 1/2 years in styles including gentle yoga, vinyasa flow, yoga nidra, and cardio-based yoga.

Off the mat, she enjoys writing creatively, going to 12-hour Sci-Fi movie marathons (you know the yoga comes in handy here!), and being a good plant mom.

Jasmine believes we all owe our bodies the respect and opportunity to experience the full potential of sensations, strength, and movement, in the same way that we owe it to our inner selves to feel the full capacity of emotions and expansion. If not, she thinks, then what else are we here for? Sometimes Jasmine can be a little dramatic.

Favorite Yoga Move: 

Supine Twist - makes my back crack every time!

How Has Yoga Benefited You The Most: 

It's taught me the necessity to check in with my body and given me the tools to do that. It's helped me regulate my anxiety and has disappeared my chronic shoulder pain. I swear it's the best body and mind hack.

Reason Started Doing Yoga: 

The very first time I did yoga I was 12 and following a Denise Austin yoga DVD because it was fitness that didn't require running. I did that sporadically. My return to yoga was in 2015 when I was so stressed at my desk job I couldn't eat because I clenched my jaw so tightly. I've been practicing regularly ever since because if I go just one week without yoga my jaw tightens up again and there's no way I'm gonna let that affect what I eat ever again!

5 Words That Describe Your Teaching Style: 

Thoughtful, Relaxed, Irreverent, Accessible, Versatile