Jessi Moon

Jessi Moon
200-hour certified | 1030 hours continued education
Jessi is a teacher for The Self Awareness Institute, an organization dedicated to bringing about an Enlightened Global Society. She began her journey into yoga 13 years ago, has an 8 year old son, loves to surf and has a lot of real life experience to draw upon in her teaching modality. Jessi specializes in Spiritual Coaching and helping people reach thier full potentiality by providing them with the techniques to ensure a beautiful life filled with Prosperity, Happiness and Peace.

Favorite Yoga Move: 

The reason I practice Yoga postures is to get my body to a place where I feel empty and pure so I can let go of feeling like I need anything and turn my attention inward. My favorite Yoga move is MEDITATION! This allows me to enter into higher states of bliss.

How Has Yoga Benefited You The Most: 

BLISS. I wish I could tell you in words how high we get in meditation. EUPHORIA. It takes practice to relinquish everything you hang onto thats keeping you from this beautiful place within. Learning yoga, true yoga, and true meditation, and how to connect with your true self, is the greatest asset you can have in life. Without knowing how to connect with ourselves we will always be subjugated to pain and suffering. Meditation gets you high, takes you out of your mind and body and into a greater awareness of who you are! (The real YOU, not the thoughts in your head creating drama!) Aligning body and mind with the TRUTH, with the spirit that you are, is the greatest benefit anyone could ever receive! Yeah, I love yoga. Experiencing greater depths of love, peace and joy on a daily basis is fantastic. :)

Reason Started Doing Yoga: 

It sounded cool. I got hooked by the warm happy people emanating beauty! They were the nicest people I'd ever met, plus, it made me feel so good. The depth of yoga is incredible, the more you learn, the greater your joy and amazement become. Understanding the nature of my existence was something I always pondered, finding yoga was the answer to my prayers. Now, I'm here to share LOVE and help us remember who we are.

5 Words That Describe Your Teaching Style: 

Loving. Intoxicating.

Classes I Teach

Bring your baby with you to yoga class and enjoy some inwardly turned focus time while babies bask in your glow and play with toys and eachother. We like to sing a few songs for the babes including some yoga moves, massage techniques and inversions to help adjust thier spine for thier little bodies too. This class is for the moms and babies to learn to connect on a deeper level. Deepening the Love between Mommy and Baby, working out physical tensions, and creating well being and peaceful synergistic energy all together!

Learn to connect to your body on a deeper level and begin the love communication between you and your baby while baby is still inside you! Yoga helps us become more aware of our bodies, our thinking patterns and our emotions and what better time to practice smoothing all of these areas out to synergize with your inately peaceful, beautiful, bountiful selves than when your pregnant and in preparation mode to welcome your little love into this world.

Learn to transend your mind and senses and enter into an expanded awareness of your True Nature. This is a an authentic Kundalini Shaktipat Meditation learned from guruji Steven Sadleir, director of The Self Awareness Institute. This meditation is an energy attunement meditation. We attune our energy to attune with a higher frequency to heighten our awareness and strenthen our connection to the source of life. We get blissed out and feel and share greater depths of Love, Joy and Peace. Jessi is a teacher for the Self Awareness Institue.

This Yoga class emphasizes on releasing stress and tension at the same time as gathering strength and vitality. We focus on our core and incorporate some pilates movements within our gentle yoga flow. Class is heated but not super hot.

This class is all about releasing stress and tension on a deeper level, observing mental thought patterns and creating space for transformation. Half of the class will be gentle yoga postures such as legs up the wall or childs pose for extended periods of time and the second half will be for diving into a blissful meditation. It's a hour and half journey into yourself in a room full of unconditional Love.