Madison Canary

Madison Canary
RYT 500 | E-RYT 300 | 50 hours continued education

Madison came to yoga after 10 years as a ballerina left her body injured and unable to move. It was yoga that brought her body and spirit back to life! It was out of a deep appreciation and love for the practice that she started teacher training; the first day of class, she knew this is what I was called to be. Madison’s excitement for the practice is infectious and the number one thing she aspires to pass along to her students is joy. Joy for life, for movement, for their bodies.
She received her 200-hour certification through CorePower. She is especially trained in Vinyasa flow, Yin/Restorative yoga and children's yoga. Her sequencing is greatly influenced by her ballet and contemporary dance training. Instruction aims to encourage students to find their inner source of power through unifying body and breathe to overcome the false limitations of the mind. Teaching techniques and methods are drawn from yoga, dance, moving meditations and Eastern philosophy. Moving forward, she is beginning training in Yoga Therapy and Kid’s Yoga!


I teach the class I want to take: great playlist, beautiful flow, challenging and inspiring.

Private Yoga Hourly Rate: 

starting at $125 per hour

Favorite Yoga Move: 

Kundinyasa (Hurdler's Pose) I always smile when I get into this pose, it is just so freeing!

How Has Yoga Benefited You The Most: 

A greater and deeper sense of self. Balance. Compassion. Patience. Community. Peace.

Reason Started Doing Yoga: 

I started doing yoga to help me manage chronic pain from years of dance and old injuries.

5 Words That Describe Your Teaching Style: 

Energetic. Uplifting. Encouraging. Dynamic. Passionate.