Maryanne Mancini

Maryanne Mancini
200 HR certified | 15 HR Yogalates Certified | 50 HR continued education | 95 HR kids yoga certification | Reiki Level 2

Maryanne has been an athlete her whole life. A Yoga practitioner since 1989 in the Hatha Yoga Tradition, the Bikram Yoga Series since 2007, and most recently incorporating Vinyasa Power Yoga, since 2013.

Maryanne became Certified in the 300 hour Teacher Training Program through Core Power Yoga in Huntington Beach in 2013, along with being Certified for Children's Yoga through Smiling Monkey Yoga at the Center for living Peace in Irvine.

Maryanne brings her many years of study, and knowledge, along with her passion to give back to the community what Yoga has given to her. Humbly forever a student always learning and growing her practice.

Maryanne is also a Registered Dental Hygienist serving Orange County for over 26 years. She also performed with The Los Angeles Opera Company as a professional opera singer for 13 years. Maryanne teaches piano, voice, and swimming lessons as well. In her free time Maryanne has fun enjoying life with her 11 year old daughter.

“ I am an instrument of healing Peace, Love and Light. Humbly serving all to achieve oneness of mind, body, and spirit, when you are in that space and I am in that space, we are One.”


Favorite Yoga Move: 

Standing Floor Bow. This is a master posture, and I love finding new ways to release into the pose versus making the pose. It's a fine balance, a dance between effort and release, breathing and exhaling! Humbles me every time!!!

How Has Yoga Benefited You The Most: 

To stretch, lengthen and tone my body, mind and soul and help reduce stress and find Nirvana!!!

Reason Started Doing Yoga: 

It has transformed my life, changing me completely from the inside out on both cellular and a soulful levels. I am more balanced, calm and strong, both physically and mentally, all because of yoga, meditation and the disciple it has taught me. The healing power of yoga is unmatched!!!

5 Words That Describe Your Teaching Style: 

Passionate. Disciplined. Spiritual. Energetic. Healing.