Sabrina Cordell

Sabrina Cordell
200HR Certified | Yoga Sculpt Certified | 85HRS Continued Education
The first time Sabrina stepped onto a yoga mat was at Ra Yoga during her college years. Her two biggest aspirations and goals when she was in undergrad was to not only work in the medical field and help people physically and externally, but also become a yoga instructor and heal people internally and mentally. Fast-froward 7 years and here she is living out her dream today at the place where she started her yoga journey.

You can either catch her lounging around in yoga pants and an oversized tee or in scrubs and clinic attire, with the occasional guest appearance of a "let's go out and get ratchet" outfit. Off the mat, she is either working as an optometrist, getting sweaty at some kind of workout (yoga, boxing, spin, weight training), or spending time with her family and friends doing all sorts of crazy things, but probably just eating with a smile on her face.

Favorite Yoga Move: 

Suptabadakanasana. It feels crazy good on my insanely tight hip flexors. It also makes me feel more in tune with my feelings and open.

How Has Yoga Benefited You The Most: 

I found myself addicted to yoga and how it made me feel - confident, strong, and mindful. It wasn’t just the work out. Push past the breath control, meditation, and body postures and you reach something more. It’s a challenge to not just physical strength, but also mental strength. Yoga has helped me grow stronger both inside and out.

Reason Started Doing Yoga: 

My best friend from college was pre-med with me and she dragged me to Ra Yoga to unwind after a crazy week of school. We took Ra Vinyasa 1 with Kaitlin Honeycutt and she had the most bangin’ playlist I’ve ever listened to. It was a non-heated class, but I was sweating EVERYWHERE. It was so challenging, but the class was so uplifting I felt empowered to keep going. Moving my body and breathing in that room felt crazy and like nothing I’ve experienced before. It’s safe to say I felt that “yoga high” and rush of endorphins after my first class and was addicted to that feeling of euphoria ever since.

5 Words That Describe Your Teaching Style: 

Loud. Passionate. Explosive. Animated. Uplifting.