Sarah T Tagge

Sarah T Tagge
200-hour certified
Sarah believes that yoga is about tapping into your body’s wisdom and taking care of yourself. She earned her yoga certification through Corepower Yoga; although, she credits the shaping of her practice to a variety of teachers and classes she has experienced around the world. One teacher in particular led Sarah for years with impassioned teaching and instilled calmness in Sarah that moved her to guide others through a part of their day wherein, they can be completely empowered and in control both mentally and physically. Sarah is a firm believer in yoga’s supreme ability to both strengthen and relax ones mind, body and spirit. With joy and enthusiasm Sarah creates a unique practice due to her devotion to all aspects of yoga. Her focus and attention is felt by individuals through her musical selection, use of essential oils, and setting a specific and special climate for each and every class.

Favorite Yoga Move: 

Tree Pose. Tree is a true test to where you are, at any given time, in your practice. It’s an overall evaluation of your breath, balance and focus- it’s quiet calming, yet can be challenging.

How Has Yoga Benefited You The Most: 

Calmness. Yoga has instilled a calmness in me that compelled me to pass it on.

Reason Started Doing Yoga: 

I came to the mat looking for a new way to challenge my body, little did I know, the true test would be the mental aspect of yoga. As my body grew strong my mind came along for the ride.

5 Words That Describe Your Teaching Style: 

Challenging. Encouraging. Peaceful. Informative. Graceful.

Classes I Teach

Knowledge of vinyasa is assumed therefore; I focus on creating a more challenging and quicker paced flow to increase both heart rate and internal heat. Guidance is directed toward realizing full potential of poses and twisting deeper for optimal detoxification. The entire class is centered on breath to movement- the true art of the vinyasa.

Kid’s yoga is playful and interactive. We start class with the name game where the children get the opportunity to say their name and share something about their self. We practice deep breathing and move through sun salutations- matching breathe to movement. The class is filled with yoga related games. We end the class in final Savasana that the kids love most! Yoga at an early age encourages self- esteem and body awareness with physical activity that is non competitive.

In strength the first part of class consist of warming up the body and breath with no weights while focusing on alignment. We add weights to the poses creating more of a challenge and constriction in the different muscle groups. I put a strong emphasis on core and test you with weights in my balancing series. Overall the class is fun, energizing and revitalizing.

I invite you on a journey to learn, grow and love yoga. I emphasize ujjayi pranayama breathing (the breathing technique we practice in vinyasa). We warm up the body and integrate into our practice. As a class we move through sun salutations building a flow. The flow consists of linking breath to movement with proper alignment, and explanation of the body parts being used in various poses. Throughout class I offer different variations while in poses to suit your practice. My class is a balance of challenging, innovative and relaxing.