Sydni Wilt

Sydni Wilt
After leaving my first studio yoga class in 2012, I knew immediately that I would one day become an instructor. I spent my entire life beforehand practicing and coaching gymnastics and cheerleading, so with this background, the physical aspect of yoga hit really close to home. It seems that I committed to a vigorous asana right away, but it took some time and mental commitment to realize what was connecting me beyond the physical layer. On a motivating level, I started to notice the clarity and peace that I was experiencing in my life outside of yoga, and that fueled my desire to keep going. From that point, yoga became my wave - both relaxing and invigorating, limitless yet bounded. Through yoga, I continue to uncover truths within myself and the universe that deeper reveal our need to connect as humans. I am extremely grateful for the gift of yoga and it's studies that we are so lucky to absorb from ancient wisdom. I completed my first 200hr YTT in 2014 in my small Louisiana hometown, and recently finished a second 200hr study at Rise Yoga HB. My ultimate goal is to simply share the light that yoga has shined so deeply into the lives of it's practitioners. The passion I have to expand my knowledge within the conscious realm of yoga is immense and at times - even overwhelming! Universal change and peace must begin within our own desire for personal growth, which in turn, will affect everyone we as yogis come in contact with. That is what I hope to bring into lives through yoga.

Favorite Yoga Move: 

If I HAD to choose, I could still only narrow down to two - handstand and savasana. Though complete opposites, both require presence, stillness, and surrender. I have learned so much about myself through blissfully enduring both. But now I also feel that ragdoll needs to be a part of this list!

How Has Yoga Benefited You The Most: 

I originally turned to yoga as a safer, more conscious way to move my body after four knee surgeries. Although yoga has helped my knee tremendously, the most beneficial outcome of my practice has to be the mental awareness. With awareness comes control, and I feel that yoga has helped me to invite positive guiding forces in through stillness, mantra, and meditation.

Reason Started Doing Yoga: 

5 Words That Describe Your Teaching Style: 

Invigorating. Blissful. Accessible. Inspiring. Thought-Provoking.