Tiffany Blackham

Tiffany Blackham
Movement has been a part of Tiffany’s life since she was 3, but it wasn’t until her first yoga class that she realized just how much yoga offered. Yoga captivated Tiffany in the way it revealed peace, empowerment and freedom all in one experience. As a mother of 3, cultivating connection, spiritual growth and a slower, more mindful approach to daily living were life changing. Movement, not only in her physical body, but in her heart + mind field are what kept her returning to her mat. Yoga allowed her to move with intention and evolve confidently through internal inquiry.
She pursued a deeper yoga education through Annie Carpenters 200 hour SmartFLOW training so she could share this beautiful experience with others. It’s her joy to create space for others to nurture their bodies, minds, & souls with the abundance, astonishment and presence yoga offers. She is also a certified doula & aromatherapist, wellness advocate, mentor + coach to private clients, and continues to study under the wings of SmartFLOWs lead mentors. “I want to hold space for all walks of life to move, breathe and connect together- for I truly believe that through yoga, we become united as one.”

Favorite Yoga Move: 

Savasana- because thats where all the magic happens. But I also am a lover of inversions. They teach us to not be so serious all of the time. Fall + Laugh- its what keeps our spirits young.

How Has Yoga Benefited You The Most: 

Oh my gosh! Where do i even start? Connection. Mindfulness. Empowerment. Compassion. Joy. Yoga is every where in my life. Its in my relationships, my health, my thoughts, my activities, the way I see & carry myself. It challenges me to be authentic, present, and inquisitive. I am constantly learning (always a student) and creating meaningful exchanges with others along the way. I am who i am because of yoga and for that i am thankful.

Reason Started Doing Yoga: 

I am mama of 3. wife. doula, mentor. aromatherapist. creator. daughter. friend. I am constantly busy. Every second of every day. I simply walked in to find stillness.To shift into silence. To just be- without need, thought, emotion, attachment. It changed my life and still does, every time i practice.

5 Words That Describe Your Teaching Style: 

Open. Intuitive. Revitalizing. Compassionate. Connective.