Irvine Parking

Since Ra Irvine is IN the Irvine Spectrum, you can use any of the many parking lots or structures, however, the closest parking is between Wahoo’s and H&M. The mall can get busy around lunch time during Holidays, Weekends and late weekend evenings. When parking is busy, we recommend parking at the south end in the Target Parking structure. It is only a 5 minute walk with over 1,500 parking spots that rarely get used.

AM Parking Pro Tip:

The mall opens at 10am, so parking is not an issue. Parking between Wahoo’s and H&M will be the closest and easiest.

PM Parking Pro Tip:

Nights, Holidays and weekends can impact parking at the Spectrum. Parking at the south end in the Target Parking structure will ensure quicker parking. Structure is a 5 minute walk from studio. Feel free to visit to see how full/impacted certain parking lots and structures are.

Irvine Parking Map

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