Bobby Kittleman

Bobby's history as a yoga instructor is yet to begin, but his experience with the daily practice of yoga began circa 2008. His background as a corporate strategic planning analyst within the stressful confines of the cubicle world left him seeking relaxation and escape. As with most healthy things in his life, about two years after making a New Year's resolution to start practicing yoga, Bobby entered his first class on a Saturday morning. Being completely unprepared, he had a bagel and two cups of coffee prior to class; needless to say how that experience went down. Since then Bobby has learned to rejoice in the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges yoga has presented to him. These lessons through yoga have proven to be applicable throughout all facets of his daily work and personal life. Now to start the fresh decade, he hopes to share these lessons in a community where all can find a solution through yoga. As the saying goes, "you have to give it away to keep it" and I want to give it away.