Management Team

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Management Team

In keeping with the idea that it is more important who you BE in this world, than what you DO……let us introduce the full time team.

Bobby Kittleman

Owner | Dreamweaver

Bobby stores tactical and spiritual notes on life using the recipe of 2 parts universe, 1 cup akron/family with a sprinkling of the higgs-boson theory. He comes to us from a small border town in Texas, the roots of his Astro fandom run deep. The only thing he likes more than garlic sauce and chicken kabobs are his beautiful wife and child. Known for his good vibes and insane work ethic, we simply wouldn’t be here without him. If life came with an instruction manual, he would rather not read it even if it made the ride smoother.


Owner | Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist | Budokon Yoga Instructor | Vision Curator

Jenny deals mostly in the metaphysical. You can often find her giving hugs, they'll squeeze the tears right out of you. She receives messages from the universe via the trees and decodes them for us, because the trees have no tongues. She's a Minnesota Native, and while she didn't bring an accent with her (unless she says BAG), she did bring a whole lot of heart and gumption. On a clear night you might find Jenny and her husband relaxing around a camp fire discussing their future life of RV trolling and answering the call of the mountains.


Programs Manager | Yoga Instructor | Head Cat Herder

Amanda is an OG: our first employee, our mama bear, and the number one person we’d want to have watch our back. She's a self-described porcupine with a tough tattooed exterior and mafioso bravado but a wide open heart and soft under belly. Her heart is so big she currently fits five dogs inside of it with talks of adding another! She hails from the promise land of Dallas, Texas and now runs the whole show around here.


Retail Manager | Community Manager | Glue stick Operator

Dan’s strength lies in her strange humor and general levity, as well as her ability to eat copious amounts of Mediterranean food in a single sitting. Her hilarity is matched only her fondness for her dogs, Hubby and Boots, which she has tattoos honoring both. Her deep eye rolls are legendary and she has the voice of a young boy hawking newspapers. Despite her east coast vibes and all the above, we hold none of this against her, in fact it’s part of the reason she’s a favorite.


Marketing Manager | Glitter Gangster

Ariel is the one who keeps the rest of us from going over the speed limit and running off the road when we see something shiny. She’s a realist among millennial dreamers. A super-wife and new mother, an avid bagel lover (only while pregnant), and literal necessity to our survival. She loves to remind you that she once lived in L.A. and is always "camera ready".


Newport Beach Studio Manager | Mother of Unicorns

Jamie is our greenhorn, who quite literally brightens up every room she enters with her lovely rainbow hair. Jamie is a scrappy survivor and therefore fits in well with other cast of characters we call a team. A practical MacGyver she is the sort of person who could change a tire with an ice pick. We appreciate her love of everything unicorns but not as much as we appreciate her.