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RE// Align and Root

RE// Align and Root

Date & Time: 

Saturday, January 12, 2019 1:30pm



How frequently do you practice chaturanga and some of the other everyday postures such as warrior one, warrior two and warrior three in one class? In one week? In one month? Are you practicing these with clarity and precision, or are you practicing in a monotonous pattern? Within each pose there’s a priority. Join Sarah as we get more intimate with these postures to better know and feel them which will serve your body and further your yogic commitment to self-study.

In this three hour continuing education workshop we will take a in-depth look at five main fundamental postures. We will dissect these poses to provide insight on proper alignment, benefits and modifications to postures we frequent the most such as chaturanga, downward facing dog, warrior one, warrior two, and warrior three. In addition to breaking down these poses we will focus on how to assist and build strength in these areas which will allow us to deeply understand, to awaken and know these poses as it pertains to our vitality.