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Intensive Sound Training - 2 Days

Intensive Sound Training - 2 Days

Date & Time: 

Saturday, June 1, 2019 8:00am


Sound Vibration 2 day Intensive for Ra Yoga Teachers

"Become The Player"

This 2 day intensive workshop is for Ra Yoga Teachers Only!

Are you interested in incorporating sound into your yoga classes?

Would you like to learn how to guide a sound bath?

Are you interested in exploring the practice of Sound Vibration & Therapy?

For the last three years I have been teaching a Sound module in the Ra Yoga Teacher Training program. The students get an opportunity to dive into sound and also play with the instruments for a short time. This 2 day intensive is an opportunity to move deeper and focus only on Sound vibration & frequency. It is a powerful tool to complement your yoga teacher path.

Sound Vibration & Frequency - “The Yoga of Listening”
Sound vibration is a way to relax the mind and body. It is a way to uncover the deeper layers of the Self.
Sound penetrates beyond the sense of hearing, its vibrational energy flows throughout your being, organs, blood, cells, etc... it can help alleviate depression and anxiety bringing a sense of stillness to the mind./body. It is a powerful and effective tool to learn and grasp deep meditative states of being, bringing yourSelf to deeper awareness of you and your surroundings.

Learning the art and science of sound will be beneficial for yoga teachers, holistic practitioners, massage
therapist, students and for ones own personal growth. Experience for yourself the power of sound,
bringing you to your highest vibration!

We will touch upon these topics:
The Science and Philosophy of Sound & how it affects body/mind
* Movement and Pranayama practice (breath)
* Working with the Chakras, Elemental energies & Subtle body
* Hands on approach to gongs, bowls, chimes, drums and much more
* Learn Sacred Mantras & vocal toning
* Learning Frequency, musical notes, Quantum Physics
* Caring for your Sacred Instruments, setting up sound space
* How to incorporate sound in your yoga classes
* Learn the fundamentals of creating & guiding a sound bath
* Sound bath experience

Instruments provided

Becoming the player is the practice of dissolving, witnessing and surrendering.