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Healthy Back

Healthy Back

Date & Time: 

Sunday, November 17, 2019 1:30pm



This workshop is designed to educate and empower students/teachers about low back pain. This 4 series class session is a curated set of stretches and strength movements that are designed to help people that sit for more than 6 hours a day and have a weak core. Back pain accumulates over time and is a combination of muscles and joints working or not working well together.
11/3 Workshop 1 - Psoas (Hip flexor) muscle
This class will provide laymen terms for what the muscles does and what occurs when the muscles is dysfunctional ( for example: when the muscles is tight then tilts pelvis and causes tightness in low back) and then provide exercises and stretches to alleviate and create more support through the Psoas muscle.

11/17 Workshop 2 - Gluteal Muscles
The buttock muscles are important base line for low back pain. If they are too tight then they don’t fire correctly or support the low back and when these muscles are too open, then there isn’t enough tension to support the back. This class will be a combination of stretches and power exercises.

11/24 Workshop 3 - Transverse Abdominis
The final class involves the deep core muscles. The proper amount of tension is
necessary for joints and structures to be stable. The core muscles are critical for
support and proper tension. The abs act as a shock absorber but when they are weak
then the back absorbs the tension.