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Date & Time: 

Sunday, December 8, 2019 11:30am



Sufi is a Mystic path. It is the ancient wisdom of the heart, and the path of love born from that wisdom. This group in a meditative process using different methods, like rhythm, breath, music, dance, voice, sound, poetry, to enter a state of emptiness.

Zikr is sufi way of chanting. "Zikr" (Remembrance), an essential Sufi method, will bring us in touch with different layers of our being.
Its waves will deepen and expand the different qualities of human consciousness and take us to the silent lake of our being.

Dervish whirling is a Sufi centering dance. Whirling symbolizes and represents man's unity with the cosmos; it is a movement where we dissolve ourselves with a world that cannot be understood with our mind, it has to be felt with the heart.

This gathering is a process of emptying ourselves, a process, an atmosphere where love and wildness flower into meditation.

We will also explore the beauty of Sufi poetry and music.

This Sufi group will be a deep immersion into our inner world, an exploration of the love and wisdom we all carry in our being. A Remembrance of the joyful song, and luminous silence, of existence.

"By knowing the mysteries of our own heart, we begin to resonate with the mysteries of existenceā€¯