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Sound Bath Immersion

Sound Bath Immersion

Date & Time: 

Sunday, December 8, 2019 7:30pm



Come join in this commUNITY event as we gather together for our Sound Bath Immersion with Kyle. Kyle will create a chamber of serenading and grounding vibrations from a variety of planetary gongs, crystal quartz singing bowls, and other sound healing instruments. A sound bath is an easy and simple form of meditation that allows you to embark on an inward journey through the subconscious, reconnecting deeply to your heart center while realigning the body, mind, and soul back into harmonic balance. Sound healing not only has immense physical benefits to the body and brain, but also energetically, clearing up emotional blockages to free up space for more of what we want in bring into our lives. Our sounds baths are beginner and family friendly, so all are invited to join.
Make sure to create your most comfortable space. Suggestions include: blankets, pillows, yoga mat, cushions, water, as well as any sacred items you wish to cleanse/charge. Also, please wear loose and comfortable clothing so you may fall into your meditation even deeper.
If you have any questions about the sound bath, please contact Kyle Lam directly at 760-222-5143!