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Yin RaStore (Babysitting Available)

Yin RaStore (Babysitting Available)

Date & Time: 

Friday, January 17, 2020 10:30am



A class of both active and inactive stretching, Yin RAstore offers both the physical benefits of yin yoga and the mental benefits of restorative yoga. Combining these two styles together will lead you to an invigorated body and a calmed mind. Each class starts with the practice of yin, a form of stretching that brings stimulation to the fascia and joints of the body through holding postures and utilizing props to help hold the body in an intense yet stable position. The latter portion of lass will integrate restorative yoga, a practice in which the body is placed in comfortable and fully supported postures so the nervous system and mental bodies can fully open and relax. Our hope is students leave class with a body and mind both fully in tune.