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Prenatal Partner Workshop

Prenatal Partner Workshop

Date & Time: 

Sunday, March 29, 2020 1:30pm


During this workshop, Francesca and Elizabeth will guide expecting mamas and their guest (partner, sister, friend, ect) through an afternoon of prenatal yoga. We will spend
time creating community and getting to know each other, and then time connecting to your body and baby using a variety of yoga and breathwork. We will touch on some
comfort measures that can be used during your birthing time, no matter what birth
plan may be.

In the series of yoga poses, we aim to alleviate common prenatal aches. Focusing on breath (prana) to allow full release of tight spaces, this workshop is geared to dive a
layer deeper than a prenatal yoga class offering. Class will also include poses where partner and mama get to experience yoga together in some fun partner poses. This is a dynamic class to allow you and your partner of choice to playfully, enjoy the experience of pregnancy.

This workshop is designed for all stages of pregnancy. It will help you feel a stronger connection to your body, your baby, and your partner as you spend the two hours
moving together and with your breath.

No yoga experience required.