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Ra Yoga is thrilled to announce that starting Feb 1st all regularly scheduled classes will have 15 online sign ups available for you to reserve. Given the room capacity of each location as well as the varying room sizes, the number of spots available using the existing first come, first serve policy will be different. Rest assured if you are a fan of the first come, first serve setup you will still be able to make it into class if you arrive early enough for class. In addition to 15 reservation spots being available per class, there will also be 10 spots available for online waitlist. People on the online waitlist will automatically be added to class as a reservation if someone else cancels their reservation. Additionally if people no show for their reservation then those who arrived in studio only to find out there is no spot will be allowed in.

Please take the extra 10 minutes to read through the online sign up / waitlist policy details below. It is definitely worth your time if you are planning to use the new feature.

Online Signs Up and Waitlist Policy

How it works:

  • All regularly scheduled classes will become available for online sign up 7 days before the class occurs – ending 2 hours before class starts.
  • A client can use their mindbody online client account to log in via the new Ra Yoga website at You will only be able to login on the class schedule or workshop pages. Online signs ups will also be made available via the mbo ra yoga app available of iOS and google play store.
  • Each class will have 15 online sign up available spots to enroll, leaving the remaining spots bookable on our existing first come, first serve policy. 
  • There will be an online waitlist for clients to register for a class after the 15 reservation spots are filled. Each class will have 10 waitlist spots. A person on the online waitlist must have available class credits (ie class package, groupon classes) on their account in order to place themselves on the waitlist and will AUTOMATICALLY be added to the roster officially if someone who had pre-booked cancels their reservation. 
  • A client who has a reservation is allowed to cancel without penalty from the time they enroll up to 12 hours before class starts. 
  • If a person wants to cancel between 12 hours and 2 hours of the class start time, this will be considered a LATE CANCEL. 
  • LATE CANCELS come with a $6 charge (class credits are returned to your account).
  • A person with a reservation who does not show up at the front desk of the studio location 2 minutes before class will automatically lose their spot in class and be considered a “No-Show”.
  • The “No-Show” spots will be given to anyone on the in-person waitlist. 
  • An in-person waitlist consists of anyone who has arrived at the studio but there were no more spots left based on the first come, first serve spots + online spots.
  • All in-person waitlisters will be allowed into class based on the time they arrived at the studio.
  • Anyone who “No-Shows” (not late cancels) will be charged $12 (class credits are returned to their account).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the Reservation/Pre-Book Window?

A. All Classes are available for online sign ups 7 days prior to the class occurrence and closes 2 hrs prior to class start time.

Q. What is a Late Cancel?

A. When a client has reserved a spot for class but cancels within 12 hours from the class start time.

Q. I have reserved my spot for a class but can no longer attend. How can I cancel my reservation? What is the latest time to cancel?

A. You may cancel your reservation up to two hours before class start time.  Login to your Ra Yoga MindBodyOnline account where you reserved the class and review your class schedule listing with the upcoming classes and workshops you are signed up for. Next to each class is a cancel button you will have access to up to two hours before class start time.

Q. How does the Online Waitlist work?

A. Once all 15 online reservations are booked, an online waitlist will be bookable for up to 10 spots. If someone who is pre-booked cancels at least two hours before class start time, then you will AUTOMATICALLY be added to the class. If you do not want to be added to the class due to a conflict, you will need to notify the studio immediately. If you update your profile with an accurate cell phone number and check the book to allow us to send SMS/Text then you will be notified via text when you are added to the class and reply back to be removed. Your online waitlist spot will have no bearing on your in-person waitlist spot which will be created 2 hrs before class.

Q. If I am already on the online waitlist, can I also sign up for the in-person waitlist once I arrive at the studio?

A. Yes, these two lists are completely separate from one another. A person on the online waitlist has no bearing on their spot on the in-person waitlist. The online waitlist is solely used to automatically gain enrollment automatically when a reserved person cancels their reservation up to two hours before class start time.

Q. If I am automatically added to a roster via the online waitlist will I be marked as a no show and charged if I don’t attend?

A. Yes, a client who is automatically placed on the reservation roster via the online waitlist would be running the risk being marked as a no show for non-attendance and therefore be subject to the No Show Fee.

Q: I can’t access the internet. Can I reserve a spot 12 hours before class time by calling the yoga studio?

A: Yes, you can call the studio anytime to attempt to reserve a spot in class.

Q. What is the latest I can cancel my reservation without penalty?

A. Please cancel your reservation at least 12 hours prior to class start time to avoid the Late Cancel penalty charge of $6 or no show penalty of $12.

Q. How do I get emails about reservations? I have no way to know if I got off the waitlist and into class.

A: I am so glad you asked, when you log into your account and click “MY INFO” the 2nd tab from the right, you can click the checkbox to allow RA to email and text you.

Q. What if I am going to be late for class?

A. If you are able to make it to class within the five minute post-class start time grace period, contact the studio at least three minutes before the start class start time so they don’t give up your spot to someone on the in-person waitlist.

Q. What if I can’t find parking?

It is important that you get to class at least 5 minutes from the stated start of class. This is our grace period. Your spot will be given away 2 minutes before the stated start of class time. Please let us know if you are in the parking lot trying to find a spot. Here are the pro parking tips:

Costa Mesa – Overflow parking can be found at the Crowne Plaza hotel two story parking structure located behind McDonald. It is a short walk to the studio.

Newport Beach – The valet parking next to Gracias Madre is complementary. There is also parking across the street in front of KIT Coffee on Buckingham Ln., and on Sherington Pl.. 

Irvine – There are a lot of spots throughout the Irvine Spectrum Center but a last resort is always the Target Parking Lot Structure.

Long Beach – Parking can get very tight around lunchtime and post-work. We recommend the parking lot near the Panini Kabob Grill.

Q. What if I show up at the studio and class is full?

A. If in-person waitlist spots are available you may be added for the chance to take class if pre-booked reservation clients do not show up for class. You may also try to overflow into the next scheduled class if spots are still available.

Q. What are class credits?

A: Class Credits are used to attend classes. If you have a 10 class package then you have 10 class credits. If you have a 4 class limited membership then you receive 4 class credits per month.

Q. Will I lose my class package credits if I miss class?

A. No, credits will be returned to your account upon collection of the No Show Fee.

Q. Will I lose my class package credits if I late cancel for class?

A. No, credits will be returned to your account upon collection of the Late Cancel fee.

Q. Am I available to sign up online if I have not bought a package or class?

A. No, you must have a valid class package or autopay membership to enroll in class online ahead of time.

Q: What Pricing Options are allowed to do online sign ups?

A: All Pricing Options are allowed. Autopay members, groupon, regular class packs.

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