Dear Ra Yoga Community,

After much thought and consideration Ra Yoga has decided it is in the best interest of our clients, teachers and front staff that we close our studios for the rest of March.


After spending much of Sunday at Ra Yoga Costa Mesa, I know that a lot of people were hoping that we would continue to stay open while practicing prudence by limiting class size and offerings. At the end of the day though Ra Yoga feels it is best for all those involved both within the Ra Yoga community and outside our community that we help to limit the # of gatherings of more than 10 individuals.

I realize this is very much a stressful time. I know in my own life with a 3 month old son at home, I am nervous each day of coming home with something contracted from outside the house. For myself, I am trying to minute by minute live in love rather than fear.

In the spirit of our community remaining connected, we do hope to have an update related to online classes soon. Additionally we have an old ra yoga group via facebook that we would love for people to start using to remain in touch with each other and us over the next two weeks. It is a very crazy time indeed with supplies shortages and the like so if anyone needs anything (like toilet paper since we will not be open for two weeks) please just post on the ra yogi group or you can always send emails to 

We will miss your sweet faces more than you know. Stay safe with your friends and family. Much love to you all.

Love is always greater than fear,
Bobby, Jenny and the Team

PS: Ra Yoga will continue to work on freezing everyone’s account given our studio closure and rest assured we will be responding to all emails and phone calls as best we can in the coming days.

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