Ra Yoga’s Response to Covid-19 Response

Dear Ra Yoga Community,
First and foremost, let me start by saying that I hope everyone is doing well despite the general level of stress and anxiety gripping the country/world right now. Ra Yoga places a tremendous value on the health and safety of its clients before this pandemic and we will continue to long after this crisis is over. We have been reviewing all the information related to COVID-19 recognizing the potential health risks. We can assure you that we are doing everything in our control to keep our studios clean and safe. 

Below is a list of protocols in place to help stop the spread of germs:
– Rooms continue to be sanitized in-between classes.
– Bathrooms continue to be cleaned 3x per day and regularly checked during break between classes.
– Props continue to be sanitized throughout the day. (more detail related to props will be provided below).
– All Towels are laundered consistently throughout the day.
– All mat rentals are sanitized and air dried to ensure cleanliness. 

Additional Measures and improvements being made in accordance with CDC recommendations:

– A stronger cleaning solution for mat rentals, floor cleaning and the bathrooms.
– Staying hyper vigilant on cleaning in between room even for non-heated / non-sweat classes.
– At the front entrances to all studios, Ra Yoga will be posting information on proper hand washing, cough and sneeze etiquette and notices to please stay home if sick.
-Placing hand sanitizer (upon purchase given global shortage) in entry of hallway. Providing sanitizing wipes (also upon receipt given global shortage) in all hallway near the props for patron to clean a prop an additional time.

– Posters will be placed throughout the studio relaying protocol and best practices for everyone’s safe.

To continue to ensure the safety and health of our community we have decided to introduce extra cleaning protocols as well as allocating more hours of payroll towards cleaning. Over the next few days you can expect to see hand wipes located near our props (weights and rings),  hand sanitation stations in the front lobby, and the removal of many of our community props studio wide. Additionally teachers are being asked to limit their requests for prop usage during class. Starting Monday, Ra Yoga’s props will be restricted as follows:

Blocks – Only available for Yin Rastore classes upon request.
Straps – Will be removed from communal usage.
Bolsters – Will have a pillow case provided at the time of check in.
Blankets – Limited usage during classes.

Ra Yoga will also begin selling versions of most our “community props” to the public at cost. Given the realities of the situation, we want to encourage a spirit of BYOP – Bring Your Own Prop.

With this being said, we realize this situation is very fluid. Ra Yoga is weighing all options moving forward which could mean limiting capacity significantly or the # of classes offered per day. We promise to keep you informed of any changes in our capacity or schedule as quickly as possible.

Day in and day out, Ra Yoga strives to truly be a family environment from student to employee. As a family it means we are all close to one and other. We are very much encouraging anyone who works in our family to stay home if they feel sick and we ask that you do the same for your RA family. As a family, I know we overcome anything.

In closing, I want to share a story of a painting made in the back parking lot of Ra Yoga in Dec 2010, made ironically by the now owner of Sidecar. At the painting’s completion, Jenny and I stared deep into the work and decide to name it “Love > Fear”. So.

Love is always greater than fear,
Bobby, Jenny and the Team

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