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Ra Yoga has officially gone LIVE! We’ve been meaning to bring the studio home to you for a while but with two new babies and our other kids growing up so fast, it seems like time got the better of us.
Until NOW!… (of course)
Ra Yoga LIVE is our new online platform that allows for you to stay connected to your community from home. Through Ra Yoga LIVE, you will be able to take classes with your favorite teachers as well as chat with your community on our forums.
We are thrilled to start building a new connection with you!

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You Might Be Wondering 

Is Ra Yoga LIVE included in my monthly membership?

Ra Yoga has currently paused paused all regularly occuring monthly payment fees due to circumstance. At this time Ra Yoga LIVE is not included in a monthly membership fee: however, when the studios reopen we hope to create a membership pricing option that includes access to Ra Yoga LIVE.

How do I log in?

Ra Yoga LIVE is a new platform. Whether you are an exsisting member or new to Ra Yoga, you will be asked to create a NEW account. 


Can I retroactively access classes?

Yes! You can access any of our live classes for up to 48 hours after the orginal class start time.

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