Ra Yoga is Re-Opening

We are commited to the safety, health, and well-being of all of our community members.

We will be using an EPA approved cleaning solution. The solution will be applied using a fine mist spray after every class.

Each studio room will have an FDA approved air purifier installed and all Ra Yoga teacher’s will be required to keep the fans on throughout the duration of class.

Our Front Desk Team is here to help but from a safe distance ! All Front Desk employees will be required to take their temperature prior to their shift as well as wear a mask and maintain safe social distancing. 

At this time we will not be renting out any of our mats, yoga towels, or face towels. 

At this time we have encouraged our teaching staff to use minimal props in class to aid in our efforts to keep you safe. 
While we will have some props available for use, we highly recommend bringing your own.

Bolsters: available for use

Weights: available for use

Blankets: buy now

Straps: buy now

Blocks: buy now

Pilates Rings: buy now

Use the Ra Yoga App to limit your time at the front desk. We are requiring all sign ups to be made in advance.

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We so are excited to be reunited, above all else we need to be mindful of everybody’s health.  While you are in the studio please maintain social distancing at all times, and respect others by resisting the urge to hug, shake hands, or be in close contact.  We also ask that you wear a mask while inside the studio, but you may remove your mask in order to take class, once you are settled on your mat.  Wash your hands frequently, and if you choose to use the locker room limit your time so we can keep a low capacity in these smaller spaces.  If you are ever feeling sick or unwell, please do not attend class or come to the studio.  No yoga class is worth putting the health of others at risk.  Stay home, rest, and contact us directly if you have any questions regarding class package expiration dates or late cancellations as a result of illness.  Most importantly, honor yourself and your practice. 

While we are eager to reopen in this modified manner, we also wholeheartedly acknowledge that attending class in-person might not be right for everybody at the moment.  We understand if you have hesitations or concerns about returning right away, in which case we look forward to seeing you on your virtual mat.  Ra Yoga is here to support you in any way we can, whether that be through our Ra Yoga Live streaming platform, or at one of our four locations.  With your assistance and consideration we can help every member of our community continue to thrive.



  • Temporarily limited class schedule.
  • Decreased class capacity.
  • Must reserve space in class online.
  • New liability waiver.
  • Limit one class per day per yogi.
  • Masks must be worn in all community areas in studio.
  • Masks are optional during class.




  • Arrive 10 minutes before class. 
  • Check-in for class and have your temperature taken at the Front Desk.
  • Wait outside or in lobby at a safe distance while the Front Desk prepares the room.
  • Enter yoga room. 
  • Find your practice space
  • Teachers will be wearing a face shield.
  • Face masks are optional. 
  • Practice within the boundaries we have created to ensure the safety of yourself and others
  • Masks must be worn in all community areas
  • Students are encouraged to safely gather outside of the studio.
  • Air Hug 


Ra Yoga is committed our community, which we believe requires a diligent and daily practice of consideration, communication, and love.




Some changes have been made to our shopping experience.  Any clothing item you are interested in purchasing must be purchased in studio and tried on at home. We will be issuing full refunds to any items that are not worn and the tags remain in tact. Any questions regarding this new policy can be directed to our Retail Team.

For any questions regarding your current membership or class package please contact our Membership Team. As a reminder all memberships were automatically paused on March 16th 2020. If you want to continue being paused, just let us know.

We know this is a lot of information! If there is something that remains unclear please don’t be shy. We are here to help!

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