The Yogic Warrior Experience with Becoming Budokon

This experience serves to introduce the practitioner to Budokon Yoga which covers spinal undulations applied to yogic asana, circular sequencing through martial stances, crawling patterns to develop our mobility, and lastly arm-balances and floating to develop our press-power, balance and upper- body strength.

This is ideal for any yogi who wants to expand on what’s possible on the yoga mat. This uniquely crafted way of moving is designed to expand one’s movement intelligence and creative embodiment. We explore beyond classical linear movement and step into what’s possible while remaining within the parameters of a yoga mat.

The nature of the movement is deliciously slow and focuses on building fluidity of transition, rather than the holding of postures. Through the attention to detail, we challenge practitioners to a fundamentally different way of experiencing the body which paves the way for a truly mindful movement experience.


Teacher Bio:

Together, Kemba & Emily Quinn have spent the last year traveling the U.S. in their RV spreading their fiery love for Budokon.


A brief introduction to Kemba Quinn-

Kemba Quinn hails from South African and has spent the last 3 years working within the Budokon organization as a Teacher & Manager at both Budokon Miami Mixed Movement Academy and Budokon Big-sky Retreat Centre in Montana. Kemba has managed the role of Director, Editor and Moderator for Budokon Online Mixed Movement Arts Experience & Online Teacher Trainings. Kemba is Budokon certified in Yoga, Mobility, Yobility & has been involved as assistant teacher in numerous 500hr Training Camps. Kemba will be the lead teacher in these workshops.

Prior to joining Budokon, Kemba spent his twenties as a yachtsman, working internationally on yachts in both the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. In order to regulate the seasonal intensity he immersed into Yoga & Meditation during off-seasons where he obtained his 500hr YTT in Hatha & Vinyasa in Dharamshala, India. He has taken extended time away from the busyness of the world to study the self, the mind and has extensively experimented with different ways of living and being.


A brief introduction to Emily Quinn-

Emily Quinn has been with Budokon since 2020 and is certified in Yoga and Mobility. She served as an apprentice at Budokon University, assisting with teacher trainings and facilitating summer retreats. She is currently a moderator for the Budokon Yoga Online Teacher Trainings. In addition, she developed Budokon Yoga for Absolute Beginners as a 4-week workshop series with BDK Online. Emily will be the assistant teacher for these workshops.

In 2018, Emily received a 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga certification with All Yoga in Koh Phangan, Thailand. She passionately led classes through the modified primary series weekly prior to discovering Budokon, which transformed her understanding of a mind-body movement practice, and inspired her to fully embody Budokon as a lifestyle.

Led by: Emily & Kemba

Ra University
April 28, 2023
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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