Enlighten. Embody. Empower.

We exist to create connection, opportunity, and love for the human condition.

Our Mission

Through a commitment to living B.I.G. in the service of others

we exist to create



love and space

for the human condition.

Our Pledge For Justice

Ra Yoga takes an active stance in the disruption of racism and racial violence routinely experienced by communities of color.

We stand with our employees, students, teachers, friends and families in the fight against all forms of inequity, and injustice.

We will continue to engage in the work of healing, solidarity, and love.

 We are committed to confronting our unconscious and conscious biases. We also understand that we will never know what it is like to be someone other than ourselves, and that is one reason why community building and recognition lay the foundation for our work. We are all here to use our position as community leaders to further create and encourage spaces for healing, justice, and love.

The Diversity Council actively works to keep our yoga community in integrity with our mission. Members of the council are committed to normalizing brave conversations, confronting biases, bringing love and light into our spaces, and most importantly, working in solidarity with community members and organizations who engage in sustained social justice efforts.

Ra Yoga does not tolerate racism. We stand with our employees, students, teachers, friends, and family against inequity and injustice.

To many, Ra Yoga is home and it is our belief that restoration begins at home. We are committed to healing our community by continuing to offer opportunities for all of our fRAmily members to grow through education. We invite our yogis to fearlessly examine their blind spots, participate in challenging conversations, and diligently evaluate self.

We all have work to do.

More information coming soon!

The Hero Project is inspired by Mr. Rogers.  During an interview, Mr. Rogers was asked to name some of heroes, one of which he called The Unknown Hero. The Unknown Hero is ANY neighbor who’s story remains untold or has not been celebrated.

It is the responsibility of our community to shine light, listen, love, and honor our Unknown Heroes.

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Community Resources

The (LGBTQIA) Center of Long Beach

2017 4th St.

Long Beach, CA 90814

Learn More 


Prospect Therapy

4510 E Pacific Coast Hwy #540

Long Beach, CA 90804

Learn More


LB GRRRL Collective

Abolitionist, queer, pro(-sex)-worker, trans-inclusive feminism. Gender. Revolution. Resistance. Radical Liberation!

Learn More


Flora y Tierra

An Autonomous Community Space Prioritizing QTBIPOC+

Learn More


SAMHSA’s National Helpline (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

1 (800) 662-HELP (4357)

Learn More


Psychiatric Mobile Response Teams (PMRT)

(800) 854-7771

Learn More

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)

(800) 656-4673

Learn More


Prospect Therapy

A queer + trans affirming therapy practice.

(562) 704-4736

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Tree House Recovery

Sustainable treatment for men. 

(855) 202-2138

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Downtown Long Beach Alliance
Long Beach Immigration Rights Coalition
Long Beach City Resources
Long Beach Forward
Long Beach Rescue Mission
The Tamir Rice Foundation 

Collette’s Children’s Homes

Learn More

Black Lives Matter, Long Beach

Learn More

California Black Women’s Health Project

Learn More 

LB Immigrant Rights Coalition

Learn More

AWARE-LA (White People For Black Lives) 

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The CrayProject
Able ARTS Works
Friends of Long Beach

Meet Our Hero

Irishia Hubbard

How do you believe you help bring your community closer?

I believe my collective, The Hubbard Collective, is providing support and opportunities for our community. We originally started off as a dance company, but have transformed into something bigger. Our mission is to create pieces that challenge the audience’s perception of dance by combining strong musicality, narrative, and performance. We aim to support and amplify the voices of all artists by creating programs, events, and performances that give artists a platform to express themselves.

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