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One yoga class can change your life forever. For co-founders, Bobby and Jenny, that’s how their story began — that and an Elliott Smith song. Bonding over music, Jenny became Bobby’s favorite yoga instructor and the two became fast friends. One year later, fueled by their shared dream of serving others, the two took a risk and decided to open their own yoga studio.

Bold or naive — take your pick. Inspired by the vision of building a community over a business, the first Ra Yoga studio opened in Orange County, California, in March 2011. Several years and studio openings later, Bobby and Jenny continue to ask themselves one question, “why don’t we try this?”

The answer to this question is behind everything Ra Yoga does. No matter how we grow, we still aspire to be a small business, pushing forward without forgetting our roots. From day one we’ve focused on serving every person who walks into our studio. It’s why we offer 14 different styles of yoga and embrace our diverse group of teachers. At Ra Yoga, there will always be something for everyone.

We are named Ra (pronounced ‘rah’) after the Egyptian deity of the sun, a figure who represents sunlight, warmth, and growth. Egyptian belief places Ra as the opposition to Apep, the Lord of Chaos. At Ra, we hope every person who enters our studio leaves their chaos behind and breathes in their own light.

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Ra Yoga is for anyone looking to grow through their practice. We believe yoga offers a deep and unique connection. It is an opportunity to develop an authentic relationship with yourself and others. We’re not just creating a studio, we’re creating a home where all are welcome.

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