Essential Lab Work and What It Means

Are you wondering why you feel like crap?

Find Out What an annual Essential Blood Panel looks like and Pair Your Blood Work With Your Symptoms

Have you ever had your doctor tell you that your blood work looks fine but you don’t feel fine? In fact you feel like someone has hijacked the real you and you’re at a loss at how to get the real you back!

Well, this class is where you get to learn how thorough blood work paired with your symptoms can be a lifeline and enable you to be your own health advocate.

You’ll learn what lab markers are important to include in your blood panel and why, how to ask for them and how to get these labs even if your doctor is not willing to order them. This puts you in the driver’s seat!

We’ll discuss how to correlate certain markers with you current symptoms. We go over ‘normal’ vs. ‘optimal’ ranges and you’ll be equipped to evaluate your own lab results using the Companion Guide included with this class. You’ll find The Companion Guide a great reference tool now and in the future.

You’ll be able to take this new knowledge and advocate for yourself and those you love to get the health care that we all need-not sitting back waiting until we are sick enough to get a diagnosis and then treatment.

Who will this class benefit? Anyone with:

  1. Period problems
  2. Unexplained weight gain
  3. Fatigue
  4. Low energy
  5. Skin issues
  6. IBS
  7. High cholesterol
  8. Thyroid problems
  9. Hormone problems
  10. Perimenopause
  11. Menopause
  12. PCOS

What you’ll learn in this 90 minute class will equip you to ask for what you need for many years to come.

There will be plenty of time for your questions during the class and they are encouraged!

**Be sure to bring in your own labs, so you can follow along and compare and to ask questions.

There’s nothing gimmicky about what Cindy Dupuie presents. Her information is solid and well researched and while it goes beyond what you’ll hear in mainstream medicine, it’s not too far off to one side either. And if you’ve ever taken a yoga class from Cindy, you know she loves to teach and have fun with her students!

You’ll walk away with a boat load of information that will help you to be your own health advocate!

Teacher Bio:

Cindy Dupuie is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist/Practitioner and yoga teacher who’s been helping people regain their health for over 16 years. She specializes in digestive health, thyroid testing and support, nutrition, men and women’s health (perimenopause and menopause) and guides those who know there’s something beyond prescription drugs for their chronic condition.

She had her own healthcare crisis about 20 years ago-was sporting a digestive system that decided to basically shut down, and adrenal glands that were pretty tired, and was thrown into early menopause at the age of 43. She learned a lot on her path to healing which has enabled her to help and guide others.

She loves to travel, is a bonafide foodie, loves to cook and the outdoors and loves being a grandma!

Education: She has a BS in Dietetics and Food Administration and is a certified Functional Medicine practitioner.

Led by: Cindy D.

Ra University
March 19, 2024
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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