Holy Fire Reiki Sound Bath

Marizol, will help uplift and ground us with an introduction to Ujjayi Pranayama and meditation before helping channel Reiki and settling in for the group sound bath. Marizol will also be channeling Reiki energy through the crystal angelic bowls, planetary moon gong, chimes, and more!  Together she will clear blocked chakras, heal and balance energy throughout the body, mind, and soul during the workshop feeling left with a sense of balance, calmness, and peace.

Bring:  Yoga mat, water bottle, crystals (optional)

Marizol is a Holy Fire Reiki Master, 200 hr Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor since 2009, pilates, barre, and belly dance instructor who also provides tarot, psychic, and mediumship to her clients as the owner of Shop for the Soul.  She also believes the mind, body, soul connection is a sacred one that should be nurtured, encouraged, and inspired in living a balanced life. With that mentality she teaches her classes from her heart creating an uplifting, safe environment for students to begin to explore and expand within their own body and consciousness with the Universe feeling grounded, confident, stronger, and opened for challenges with a sense of calmness.

Led by: Marizol

Costa Mesa
July 17, 2022
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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