Newport Beach Parking

Ra Newport students may park in any spot labelled “1617 Westcliff” on the back side of the building (where Ra Yoga is) or the front side (where Kit Coffee is). There is a complimentary valet on the side of the restaurant Gracias Madre, and there is street parking on Sherington Pl., and across Westcliff Dr. on Buckingham Ln. It is not advised for students to park in a spot that is blank, or labelled with another address. There is street parking available on both sides of Sherington Pl, but watch for street sweeping signs. There is absolutely no bank parking. And there is absolutely no parking in spaces labelled anything other than 1617. You will be towed.

AM Parking Pro Tip:

If you are coming to class between 9am and 12pm I strongly reccomend the complimentary valet, Sherington Pl., parking or Buckingham Ln, parking across the street (across from Kit Coffee). The lot we share with the upstairs doctors and other building customers is quite full during this time. Allow yourself an extra 5 minutes to find a parking space, and then your normal time to sign in and get set up for class.

PM Parking Pro Tip:

After 2pm the valet lot becomes available for clients to use, the wand will be up on the parking lot meaning you can enter and park there. As the classes after workday hours get busy, it is recommended that clients park on the street (Sherington Pl., or Buckingham Ln.,) in order to avoid the parking lot and saving time for themselves. All parking that is available earlier in the day is available now. Do not park in the bank, even after bank hours. They will tow.

Newport Beach Parking Map

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