Full Moon Twerkshop

Would you like to feel more grounded, playful, and confident? Or perhaps you’re craving a safe, non-judgmental place to shake your booty?

Twerk originated in West Africa with the Mapouka dance, which was a celebratory dance for fertility. The term “twerk,” came about in New Orleans during the early 90’s bounce scene.

Scientifically, shaking the body stimulates the immune system and helps us release stress and trauma. From a yogic perspective, twerk stimulates our lower chakras; root, sacral, and solar plexus, which are connected to our feelings of safety, playfulness, and power.

This is a barefoot, non-heated dance class that focuses more on technique than choreography, and is suitable for all levels Make sure your bottoms aren’t too tight, or you won’t get enough jiggle. Booty shorts and kneepads are strongly recommended. You can also use a folded yoga mat to support your knees during floor work.


Meet Amber:

Amber began practicing yoga in 2003, certified in 2012, and has led teacher trainings since 2014.  When it comes to yoga, she is very technical & strength-oriented.  In 2014, she discovered a love of dance, which awoke her feminine energy, and eventually led her to develop a specialty feminine embodiment class called The F-word.  She currently offers women’s coaching groups, retreats & online courses for energetic healing & personal development.


Led by: Amber C.

Long Beach
March 23, 2024
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
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