Ecstatic Dance

I will be hosting a 2 hour ecstatic dance workshop. Ecstatic dance is a unique form of freeform movement where there are no rules or choreography. You just let the music guide you as you explore your body, emotions, and creativity through dance. My intention is to bring the community together and intentionally release through … Continued

Mind over Mat(ter)

Embark on a journey through the timeless principles of Pilates mat work in our workshop, where alignment and core stability take center stage. Delve deeper into the Pilates method as we explore various props like rings, exercise balls, and straps, offering a dynamic range of challenges tailored to different levels of expertise. Join us for … Continued

90 minute Hot RA

We will work through the 26 and 2 poses working on breath and movement. Using verbal cues, flowing through the sequence, offering modifications. The room temperature will be 105. Prepare to sweat, bring water, a mat and towel. The goal of this workshop is to serve each individual person from absolute beginners  to advanced practitioners. … Continued

Ashtanga Primary Series

The Ashtanga Yoga system is a lineage that dates back nearly five thousand years. Ashtanga yoga is a systematic system of breath and movement. The Primary Series cleanses and tunes the physical body. The Ashtanga primary series is the foundation of a strong yoga practice. It is designed to purify your body, boost your strength, … Continued

Handstand FUNdamentals

Welcome to a fun, smart and effective Handstand Workshop. Get ready because balance can become your superpower! Whether you aspire to be a handstand pro, incorporate them into your yoga practice, or simply want to defy gravity for the sheer joy of it, this Handstand Workshop is perfect to begin your journey. And yes, that … Continued

Full Moon Sensual Flow: The F-word

The F-word Sensual Flow is a guided embodiment experience incorporating primal dance, sensual floor-work, and yoga asana into a seamless flow that activates Feminine Power.  The practice and playlist are explicit – so leave your inhibitions at the door, or work through them in this safe and non-judgmental space.  Bring a yoga mat; booty shorts … Continued

Full Moon Twerkshop

Would you like to feel more grounded, playful, and confident? Or perhaps you’re craving a safe, non-judgmental place to shake your booty? Twerk originated in West Africa with the Mapouka dance, which was a celebratory dance for fertility. The term “twerk,” came about in New Orleans during the early 90’s bounce scene. Scientifically, shaking the body … Continued

Healing Through Reiki & Sound Bath

Jona, a student of Marizol, will help uplift and ground us with an introduction to Ujjayi Pranayama and some meditative Asana before helping channel Reiki and settling in for the group sound bath. Marizol will also be channeling Reiki energy through the crystal angelic bowls, planetary moon gong, chimes, and more!  Together we shall clear blocked … Continued

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