Nutrition And Beyond

This is a 3 hour workshop exploring the very important roles that food, good digestion, and detoxification play in supporting our amazing bodies and keeping our vitality at any age. This course has historically been offered only to our yoga trainees. But because it is so rich and packed with valuable information, not to mention, … Continued

Renaissance Yogalates Strength Disco Ball

One of the highlights of my year in 2023 was Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour I attended and I would love to bring the theme of Renewal and Authenticity as well as playing the entire Renaissance album during our workshop. We will create a disco / ball environment for us to move through with challenging Pilates and … Continued

RAquel’s Rockin’ Neon New Year’s Eve!

Come in your brightest neon colors and prepare to get sweaty under the black lights, while we bust a move to some dope tunes.  This will be an “Extra-STRENGTH”  format,  with some more time to warm up, more pushes, and extra equipment, to make this a Strength Class to remember. There will be Swag Bags … Continued

New Year Intention Setting Breath & Sound Journey

Join Darren Obong for a special New Year’s Eve Breath & Sound Journey. In this community container, we will come together to honor the transition into the upcoming calendar year, set intentions, and dive into our internal word through meditation, breathwork, and sound.

Kriya & Kaya Kalpa

Let’s clear out our field in a more powerful way using Kriya exercises and ground, center and rejuvenate our life force with the ancient practice of Kaya Kalpa. Both modalities I’ve learned from my guru who in turn learned from masters in these lineages and I would love to share these powerful techniques with each … Continued

Handstand FUNdamentals

Welcome to a fun, smart and effective Handstand Workshop. Get ready because balance can become your superpower! Whether you aspire to be a handstand pro, incorporate them into your yoga practice, or simply want to defy gravity for the sheer joy of it, this Handstand Workshop is perfect to begin your journey. And yes, that … Continued


Learn a system that will help propel you on your healing journey weather that be a physical thing, mental or emotional. Everyone needs to understand the foundation for healing one self quickly and efficiently! Yoga is a healing practice as we all know how much better we feel when we practice but in this workshop we will … Continued

Beginner/Intermediate Arm Balance

This is an opportunity to learn proper technique for basic arm balance poses that are commonly offered in Vinyasa classes. This workshop sets the foundation for intermediate and advanced arm balancing. You will receive detailed explanation on alignment and anatomy, as well as personal attention and time to ask questions. Poses include Pendant, Scale, Crow, … Continued

Full Moon Sensual Flow: The F-word

The F-word Sensual Flow is a guided embodiment experience incorporating primal dance, sensual floor-work, and yoga asana into a seamless flow that activates Feminine Power.  The practice and playlist are explicit – so leave your inhibitions at the door, or work through them in this safe and non-judgmental space.  Bring a yoga mat; booty shorts … Continued

Full Moon Twerkshop

Would you like to feel more grounded, playful, and confident? Or perhaps you’re craving a safe, non-judgmental place to shake your booty? Twerk originated in West Africa with the Mapouka dance, which was a celebratory dance for fertility. The term “twerk,” came about in New Orleans during the early 90’s bounce scene. Scientifically, shaking the body … Continued

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